Wavetable Cipher POC

Top left- an individual wave from the wavetable
Top right/bottom left- 3d representation of the whole wavetable (amplitude over time)
Bottom right- Letters assigned positions onto the wavetable grid


Everyone loves a coded message. Entire franchises are built around cracking the code to solve a mystery. Yet when it comes to cryptograms in media, music has seemingly been left in the 19th century. While developing a music based cyberpunk project, hiding instructions about resistance operations musically became a critical plot point. Established musical cipher methods seemed stylistically inappropriate and functionally inadequate. For this encryption method to work within the story’s parameters it needed to satisfy four parameters:

1- Be musical! You can hide bits anywhere.

2- No music notation knowledge required. Ain’t no one got time for that.

3- Use ‘commercial off the shelf’ production tools. Hide gear in plain sight.

4- No computers allowed! The Corp is always watching

The solution was an enhanced substitution cipher where ASCII values are assigned to wavetable positions and sequenced on a synthesizer. Far superior to pen and paper methods for cryptography, audio based encryption provides extra levels of security, steganographic anonymity, and bad ass cyberpunk style!