Esgal is a time traveling scientist from the far future conducting research throughout history in hopes of bringing life back to a dead Earth. In 1349 Esgal traveled through Europe to research the bubonic plague, contracting the disease and barely escaping with his life. He returns home to Asaph Space Station scarred physically by the plague and psychologically from mass hysteria and violence. He then joins a rogue group of scientists who attempt to make targeted changes to history to prevent Earth from dying. 1000 years later he finds himself back on European soil during another plague event that is just as chaotic and deadly as the infamous Black Death.


Tobias Keller is a biohacking popstar and outspoken activist. Bearing his own scars he is taking the fight straight to the source: ArTek. Always on corporation’s bad side, he is under constant threat of arrest or worse. The global business dealings of ArTek, and Keller’s rigorous tour schedule, mean confrontation is inevitable anywhere in the world. But the savvy celebrity has a few tricks up his sleeve and an army of followers ready to fight back.


Borgasm is a 24th century nightclub, run by artificial intelligence, which is geared towards empowerment and expanding the human experience with technology.


ArTek is the controlling corporation of the above land, where our story takes place. Owned and operated by CEO Armand Rousseau, ArTek administers all aspects of life within the Schengen Trade Zone. There are four administrative states in the STZ: Francia, Habsburg, Friesian Antilles, and the Weimar Federation. ArTek headquarters is located in Bordeaux, Francia.

You may notice the coastlines look a bit different than today. We used a map based on projected rising sea-levels due to global warming. You can find it here: